Commercial Washrooms B2B eCommerce Business

Commercial Washrooms B2B eCommerce Business

Commercial Washrooms is a specialist business to business washroom supply service company. Supplying customers all over the UK with everything they need to install, refurbish or make repairs to a commercial washroom. Including; toilet cubicles, cubicle panels, vanity units, sanitary ware, brass ware, washroom accessories. All the way to individual toilet cubicle locks, and in fact everything and anything required in a washroom.

In the main the target customer for Commercial Washrooms is any individual businesses with access to their own trades for installation. Which often include schools, local authorities, maintenance companies, and building services companies. But can encompass any business willing to take on the fitting and installation work themselves.

Specialist washroom installers also utilise the sourcing and supply capability of Commercial Washrooms too. Taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase all the required washroom fixtures, fittings and toilet cubicles from just one source. Regularly Commercial Washrooms are also called on at the planning stage by architects and project managers. Providing advice and guidance on the products to be specified within a potential refurbishment project depending upon its specification.

Within Commercial Washrooms my role is as the Digital and Marketing Manager. Below are some of the companies marketing milestones to date, during my employ.

Website Responsive Design, Refresh & SSL

In August/September 2015 Commercial Washroom commissioned their preferred design company to create a new theme for the website that would look more modern but more importantly be responsive. The previous website was not mobile friendly and this was despite being in an industry where up to 20% of visitors are mobile. The mobile ecommerce conversion rate was less than half of the desktop ecommerce conversion rate.

From the client side my responsibility was to project manage the build. This included providing the agency with all the required information and images, an initial brief. Make suggestions and comments on design and UX improvements (after initial design drafts presented by the agency). And finally test and approve the site during and upon completion production.

The Commercial Washrooms Virtual Showroom

The Commercial Washroom virtual showroom is an area of the website which is designed to inspire potential clients. The designs are varied and showcase various toilet cubicle systems and types, alongside complementary sanitary ware and brass ware. The project was mid way to completion when I took over.

With a freelance 3D designer on board and a web design agency already in place and at work, the first order of business was to get up to speed. A clear understanding of the aims and objectives of the project was required. Then progress to date and the current status of the project had to be established. All of the 3D designs had been completed and handed over to the design agency. Further more the design agency had already created a working draft of the virtual showroom.

Toilet Cubicle & Catalog Category Improvement

Toilet cubicles are amongst the businesses best selling high ticket items. They are also the specification speciality of the sales team. It was therefore extremely important to ensure these products are showcased to the fullest. Aside from the website redesign and virtual showroom enhancements to assist in the marketing of the cubicles a number of on page improvements were made to the category and product pages.

Targeted FAQs and blog articles were also created to market the toilet cubicle category, and assist customers to make the decision to purchase with as little input from the sales team as possible. This has even led to online sales of toilet cubicles from the Commercial Washrooms website with no sale team involvement.