4×4 Pay Play Niche Interest Website

4×4 Pay Play Niche Interest Website

4×4 Pay Play is a niche interest website for 4 x 4 driving off road experience days. Including stag party off road adventure locations and information. With an interactive map that can zoom in on the exact location the event is held. 4×4 Pay Play Day Event pages will have further information such as whether the event caters for owner drivers or stag do parties or both. And information on cost, facilities, dates open and things to remember. Users will also be able to eventually leave feedback for each event/venue.

The 4×4 Pay and Play website is designed to showcase my Digital Marketing and Project Planning Skills.


The URL for 4×4 Pay and Play is frankly brilliant as it rhymes, go on say it… 4 (by) 4 Pay and Play dot co dot uk. That’s the first rule of branding and name people will remember!

What are 4×4 Pay Play Day Events?

A 4×4 pay play days or off road driving pay drive event is typically where an off road 4×4 car owner turns up at an off road venue and drives their own vehicle. Similar to a RWYB (run what you brung) track day.

Off Road experience days are usually where the venue supplies a suitable vehicle for the visitor to drive. Such as those organised by Land Rover.

4×4 Driving experience days are typically the stag do, hen party type event usually designed for a group and lasting a few hours. It can also include 4×4 land rover defenders modified to reverse steer. So that turning the steering wheel left makes the 4×4 car go right. Conversely turning it right make the off road vehicle go left. This is exciting because it is strange and a short course can be made to seem a like a lot of fun.


4×4 Pay Play Day Website Plan

The website took some planning, 4 x 4 play and play days do not operate like your normal 9-5 businesses. Usually they are only open seasons, weekends or particular dates. Depending upon the organisors and venue location limitations.

For this reason I chose to refer and think Off Road and pay play 4×4 days as events. However linking a calendar and map in the first stage build was too difficult. So eventually I will utilise custom fields in WordPress (the CMS) to allow searches by date too.

The search should allow owners and drivers of off road vehicles to find a 4×4 off road driving venue near to them. Or assist even the most useless best man in finding a off road driving experience the stag will not forget.

Off road experience event pages will have further information such as whether the event caters for owner drivers or stag do parties or both, cost, facilities on site, dates open and things to remember. Users will also be able to eventually leave feedback and review each pay and play event/venue.

Events and 4×4 pay play driving venues will be added manually by site admin at first. An option will be soon available for venue organisers to add their own events to the website. With a administrator review and approval process. For the pages for events created by admin to be ‘claimed’ by the 4×4 off road event organiser to add, edit or remove information.

The Facebook and Twitter pages for ‘4×4 Pay Play’ will be full companion resources. In that they will periodically and automatically post event details. ‘Social’ ie. conversational posts will be made manually by site admin.

Monetisation Opportunities in 4×4 Off Road Events

Commercially the website is to run at a loss. No adverts and no sponsorship is to be made available. However future monetisation/commercialisation will be possible to fund the website and possible surplus may be donated to charity. The commercialisation of the 4×4 pay and play day website is not a major concern. Providing free information for a niche group and having a nationally relevant website to market for the advancement of my digital marketing knowledge is.

Revenue generating options are Google Adsense. Many 4×4 and off road centric business use PPC marketing models. The current (July 2014) suggested bid for “4×4 Cars” is £3.33.

Sponsorship or advert slots are available too. Off road and 4×4 centric businesses could pay to promote their business or on-site listing, either on the website or Facebook page. 4×4 Pay Play Day venues could potentially pay to promote their event over similar events.


4×4 Pay and Play Day Listing Website Updates:

June – 4×4 Pay Play days website installed and theme chosen.
July – Self posting to Facebook of up coming Off Road events (eventual sponsorship available).
July – 4×4 Pay Play Off Road venues and events added manually.